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Save your Customisation

Post by DaveB » Fri Nov 07, 2008 5:35 pm

Often it is necessary at some point during the testing lifecycle to copy some or all of your T-Plan data into a new database.

In preparation for this eventuality, it is advisable to do some forward planning and take a backup of your T-Plan database before any data has been entered.

Each time you create a new T-Plan Professional or Incident Manager database you will probably want to Customise it by adding or renaming entities & attributes and adding attribute values.

Once you have customised your database, before entering any data, take a backup of the database. This backup can be restored into an empty database giving you a new customised T-Plan database with an identical schema to your original database ready to copy data into if the need arises.

This prevents the common problem of copying data between T-Plan databases where the schemas are fundamentally different.

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