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Recycle Bin

Post by charlie » Tue Nov 25, 2003 12:35 am

Originally designed by Russell Gibson from Convergys.

Navigate to the Entity Definitions Window under the Administration menu item and create a custom entity named "Recycle Bin".
Change the icon to the Recycle/Database icon.
Assign the custom item to the Analyze, Deisgn and Manage hierarchies.
Within each of the T-Plan Professional modules append the new custom entity at the top level and name the new entity "Recycle Bin".

Now instead of deleting items from the database just drag and drop into the Recycle Bin.
By placing items into the Recycle Bin you can possibly reuse them at a later date.
Also for example if you had requirements linked to Scripts in a regression test pack in Manage, the requirement linkages are not lost as they would be if you deleted them.

:!: Note: To make customisations to the T-Plan database you have to be a member of a Group with the "Customization" permission.
Please consult your T-Plan Administrator if you are unsure or contact us at if you need assistance :?:
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