What is the Script Object Library Functionality?

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What is the Script Object Library Functionality?

Post by SClaydon » Fri Apr 27, 2007 9:09 am

What is the Script Object Library Functionality?

The concept is to allow a step or group of steps to be created as a script object.

This Script Object may then be used in one or more scripts e.g. a script is run ten times with the same instructions but proving different business criteria due to either different data being used or different operational set-up scenarios.

Each script would be set-up in Design and related to the business criteria. e.g. "Internet Explorer 5", "Internet Explorer 6", "Netscape" etc but the basic steps remain the same - so they are placed as an object in the library.

When it comes to execution a choice of which scripts to run can be made, keeping the concept of what are the business drivers and reasons for the tests, but the script instructions can be the same.

Instructions on using the Script Object Library:

*Select the Script from one Specification that you wish to link in another Specification folder.
*Right mouse click on it and select "Copy".
*Right mouse click on the new Specification you want to link it into.
*Select "Paste Special".
*The Script is pasted into the new Specification but a link is maintained to the original Script.
*Changes you make in the Script Instructions Window of that Script will be reflected in the other Script as well.
*When the Design hierarchy is refreshed (from the Design root) a small graphic will appear in the linked Script icons to denote that they are linked.

You can use the "Where is this item used" functionality to locate where all your linked Scripts are located. Simply right mouse click on one of the linked Scripts, select the "Where is this item used" option on the menu and it will return all other Scripts linked to the currently selected Script. You are then able to right mouse click on the Search Results, select "Locate" and be taken to the position of the Script in the hierarchy.

PLEASE NOTE: The Script Object Library functionality will only reflect changes made within the Script Instructions Window. Changes made to e.g. the Attributes of a linked Script will not be reflected in the other linked Scripts.

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