Don't Delete T-Plan Entities, Recycle Them!

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Don't Delete T-Plan Entities, Recycle Them!

Post by SClaydon » Wed Mar 28, 2007 2:39 pm

Originally designed by Russell Gibson.

Not content just to work out of an eco-friendly office- T-Plan would also like to encourage you to recycle your unused T-Plan entities. (This also doubles as a useful "Undo" mechanism!)

Navigate to the Entity Definitions Window under the Administration menu item and create a custom entity named "Recycle Bin".
Change the icon to the Recycle/Database icon.
Assign the custom item to the Analyze, Deisgn and Manage hierarchies.
Within each of the T-Plan Professional modules append the new custom entity at the top level and name the new entity "Recycle Bin".

  • Now instead of deleting items from the database just drag and drop into the Recycle Bin.
    By placing items into the Recycle Bin you can possibly reuse them at a later date.
    Also for example if you had requirements linked to Scripts in a regression test pack in Manage, the requirement linkages are not lost as they would be if you deleted them.

:!: Note: To make customisations to the T-Plan database you have to be a member of a Group with the "Customization" permission.
Please consult your T-Plan Administrator if you are unsure or contact us at if you need assistance :?:

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