New T-Plan JIRA Extension!

Information & Hyperlinks to Extension Releases will be placed here for perusal & download by the T-Plan Community.
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New T-Plan JIRA Extension!

Post by Dave » Tue May 15, 2012 6:34 pm

The new JIRA extension is now available to download below.

This extension offers a new and improved integration with JIRA providing greater flexibility such as the following:
  • Connect to JIRA servers running SSL
  • Raise JIRA issues of any type
  • Support of custom attributes
  • Support of custom field schemes
Along with the enhanced support a capability for raising issues this extension also provides a new status report. It is accessed from each module within Professional as a context sensitive option. The resulting output includes only data that has a JIRA issue associated and displays the T-Plan Step/Condition status alongside the JIRA reference and the JIRA status. With in-built filtering options this can be a targeted report as desired.
The report is set to use Microsoft Excel however it is based on a stylesheet and can therefore be amended, along with colour schemes etc if desired.

The new extension can be downloaded from here: T-Plan JIRA Extension - 4300

Installation Instructions
  • Download and extract the zip file to your machine
  • Run the installer using Setup.exe
  • Follow the installation wizard to complete the installation
  • Once complete log into Professional with admin permissions - you will be prompted about the new extension
  • Navigate to the Professional "Extensions" window under the Administration tab of the ribbon bar
  • Right click in the top pane and Insert/JIRA Extension
  • Right click in the top pane and select Refresh
  • Select the "Extensions" tab in the ribbon bar
  • Within the JIRA Extension section select "Configure"
  • Follow the configuration wizard entering your JIRA connection details
  • Right click in the top pane of the Extensions window and Refresh
You should now see the two new JIRA options within the right click menu in Analyze, Design and Manage.
NOTE: The Report option is only available at folder levels (Functions, Specifications, and Suites).

Please report any issues to

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