Automated Windows Mobile Restart

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Automated Windows Mobile Restart

Post by rpes » Wed Dec 21, 2011 3:00 pm

A question from support:

How can I restart a Windows Mobile device running PocketVNC from a test script?

1. Set on the Autostart option in the Advanced tab of the PocketVNC GUI, save the changes with OK and restart the device twice. This will make the VNC server start on the system start up. The server gets even started before the PIN application which makes it possible to unlock the phone remotely (note that the connection may be reset after the PIN entry and you may have to reconnect).
2. To restart the device over VNC open the PocketVNC GUI and select the Soft Reset Device button. As this feature has been reported not to work on some devices it must be verified on your particular environment. Then make your script wait for some time and reconnect (or run Connect in a loop until it succeeds).

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