Export of Test Results

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Export of Test Results

Post by ITEC » Mon Oct 24, 2011 11:45 am

Is it possible to export test results to report formats other than HTML or XML i.e. Excel or Word? If so how would I do this?

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Re: Export of Test Results

Post by rpes » Tue Oct 25, 2011 10:47 am

Direct export of the standard test results to any other format besides XML or HTML is not supported at the moment. There are a few ways to achieve it indirectly.

1. Open the XML in MS Excel. Note that you may have to write your own XSL and integrate it with the result XML through the Enterprise Report Provider panel under Edit->Preferences. These articles should help you:

http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/excel ... 01964.aspx

2. Make your script store the test results manually into a MS Excel file using the Excel command calls. Alternatively use the File command to create a simple CSV which can be then opened in MS Excel (or as a text file in MS Word). An example script writing to an .xls file follows:

Var _REPORT_DIR="C:\AutomationResults"

// Create a MS Excel file in the report folder
Excel create file="{_REPORT_DIR}\results.xls"

// Excel line counter
Var LINE=1

// Write a step result into the currently opened MS Excel file.
// Parameters:
// {1} ... Step name
// {2} ... Step result (pass or fail)
procedure excelstep {
  • Excel set row="{LINE}" column="1" value="{1}"
    Excel set row="{LINE}" column="2" value="{2}"
    Eval LINE={LINE}+1
// Automate step 1....

// Record the result
excelstep "Step 1" "pass"

// Automate step 2....

// Record the result
excelstep "Step 2" "pass"

A direct export of test results into MS Excel and/or MS Word formats can be eventually delivered as an enhancement in one of the future releases. As Robot already contains a library supporting reading and writing of MS document formats there's no major technical obstacle to implement this and the time needed for this feature can be as low as a week or two. Talk with our sales if you wish to raise the priority of this request.

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