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Mac OS tips & tricks

Post by rpes » Tue Oct 11, 2011 8:38 am

Two interesting questions addressed recently by our support team:

1. How do I make Robot to open the XML reports in Safari on Mac OS X?

Robot v2.3.3 and earlier can open the XML only in the default application associated with the .xml file extension in the Mac OS X. As Safari doesn't officially support passing of the document URL through the CLI, it is not possible to force opening of the XML by a direct call of the Safari binary. This means that it can't be fixed on the Robot side even by a manual browser configuration in the Preferences window. The only way to make it work is to change the default application for .xml files in the OS to Safari (instructions).

Robot v2.3.4 will use an undocumented Safari CLI option to bypass this limitation and open the XML files in Safari by default. This functionality is already available in any 2.3.4Beta build from 10 October 2011 or newer. The web browser configuration must be set to the defaults to enable this fix, i.e. all flags (check boxes) in the Web Browser panel in Preferences must be set off. The Beta build is available through the Update & Upgrade; remember to set off hiding of Beta releases through the Preferences button first.

2. How do I automate press of the Cmd key, for example Cmd+C to copy text?

The VNC server on Mac maps the Cmd key onto Alt or Windows. The exact mapping must be verified on the particular environment. For example, to automate copying of a text use "Press Alt+C" (or "Press Windows+C") in your script.

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