7.2 Errors when Reporting and Copying into Manage

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7.2 Errors when Reporting and Copying into Manage

Post by Dave » Tue Aug 31, 2010 11:52 am

Summary of Issue
It has come to light that there is an issue running certain reports if hierarchy entities have long names or descriptions i.e. above 128 and 256 characters respectively. The result, when attempting to run a report, is the following error message:
"Error during report generation.
Data provider or other service returned an E_Fail status."

This same issue also manifests as a general database error when you try and copy scripts from Design, into a Test Suite in Manage.

Reports extension Update
Before you proceed with this, you should be aware that this process will update the Report extension as installed in the T-Plan Professional database. If this database is in use by others, you will need to decide whether to roll out this update to all other users else they may continue to encounter this problem.

To install the update on your PC, run the Windows Installer file TPReportSetup.MSI. This will deploy the updated files locally into your T-Plan installation.

Now run T-Plan Professional. You will receive a notification that a newer version (7.3.0000) of the Report module is available. Open the Extensions window in T-Plan Professional, and in the top pane delete the existing T-Plan Reports entry. Now right mouse click in the same window, and the new version will be listed for installation.

Once the new module is installed, you should be able to run the reports you were having trouble with.

Database patch Script
The zip file also contains a database patch script. This is to resolve the issue encountered when copying Scripts from Design to Manage under the same scenario of long names/descriptions being present.
If you find you are getting errors in these circumstances, run the enclosed SQL script against your T-Plan Professional database, and the problem should be resolved for all users.

:arrow: Download fix for SQL Server databases: SQL Server Fix
:arrow: Download fix for Oracle databases: Oracle Fix

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