Oracle: Provider Not found message

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Oracle: Provider Not found message

Post by DaveB » Wed Aug 13, 2008 11:48 am

When connecting to an Oracle database from T-Plan you encounter a 'Provider Not Found' error message.

Provider not found message indicates that the Oracle Client software was not fully installed. The 'provider' that T-Plan uses is part of the Oracle OLE-DB group, which is not installed by default when installing the Oracle Client Software.

This can be confirmed by checking for the existence of the file OraOLEDB.dll. It should be in C:\oracle\ora92\bin (for Oracle 10 look for OraOledb10.dll in C:\Oracle\bin). The connection to the T-Plan database will fail if this file is missing or not registered. To register it use the command Regsvr32 C:\oracle\ora92\bin\oraoledb.dll. (Oracle 10 use Regsvr32 C:\Oracle\bin\Oraoledb10.dll)

If registering fails, you may need to re-install the Oracle client software.

Here is a handy test for confirming whether the Oracle client software is the problem:

1. Create a new text file (I usually create it on the desktop) and re-name it Test.UDL.
2. Double-click the new file to open the Data Link Properties dialog.
3. Click on the Provider tab and select 'Oracle Provider for OLE DB'.
(If it's not in the list, then the Oracle Client software is not fully installed, re-install the Oracle Client Software)
4. Click on the Connection tab and enter the Server Name (This is the Oracle Datasource Name) Oracle UserName and Password.
5. Test Connection.

If you get this far, the connection should be OK, but, If connection fails, check the DataSource name is a valid Local Net Service Name on the PC.

Another possibility is that the Oracle Client version does not match the Oracle Server version. They must be a comaptible major release (i.e. 9.x or 10.x) to operate correctly.

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