Extend visibility of Design data (references) into Manage

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Extend visibility of Design data (references) into Manage

Post by rvlaeke » Thu Jun 14, 2007 1:22 pm

It's nice that all kind of data can be attached to the scripts in Design but when copying this script to Manage, you can't see that info with a simple mouseclick. This is giving some frustration with our testers.
With the R6.0 it's a good improvement that you can see the notes field in manage but it's not sufficient.


Post by SClaydon » Thu Jun 14, 2007 4:05 pm

Hi Ruth

Many thanks for your post and your suggestion.

I completely see your point with this. This functionality is often asked for by customers and requires urgent attention. The underlying way T-Plan works prevents a "quick fix" but this does not mean to say we are not working on it!

Steps have been made in Release 6.0 towards this- such as the Design Script notes- but much more is required. One particular point of note is that the Remote Execution Console in Release 6.0 now supports the display of read only Script Attributes as well as Test Data and External References. It was relatively easy to resolve in the Remote Execution Console because this is a much smaller application with a simpler code base than the full product. However it does provide an example of what can be achieved.

We are working on getting similar functionality in the main T-Plan Professional product. Watch this space!

Kind regards

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