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RE: Required Statistics

Post by Dave » Tue Sep 11, 2007 4:45 pm

Hi Anthony,

Apologies I believe this confusion may be a result of information I gave you during my visit.

The Statistics do indeed report on the latest update of the Conditions/Steps which is geared towards the ability to retest items and report, within the Stats, on the latest position.

To view the information against each instance of the Condition, using the example you provided, I would suggest you use the standard reports. I beleive running the "Test Suite Total by Requirement Status" from the top level Suite will give you this sort of picture. For the detailed breakdown there are a couple of standard reports which could be used such as the "Impact Analysis Single Entity - Selected Requirements, Test Scripts & Suites Affected by Change" run from the Test Condition in Analyze.

As always, if these templates do not provide the exact information you require or you need the above mentioned reports combined etc we can always create new templates for you.

I Hope this helps, let us know if it doesnt.



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