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Default font

Post by nathan_weller » Tue May 15, 2007 2:17 pm

The default font used in T-Plan Pro is labelled "MS Sans Serif". After wondering why this looked a bit naff, I checked my system and found that I don't HAVE "MS Sans Serif" (WinXP Pro). Checking the 'net, it appears that Microsoft replaced the "MS Sans Serif" font with the "Microsoft Sans Serif" font for all versions of Windows after Win98.

I'm sure that it still looks lovely for people who have an old copy of "MS Sans Serif" installed on their PC, but for me and mine it looks like a rough, jaggedy, "System" type font - which is probably what Windows defaults to when you try and set some text to a font that it doesn't know about.

It may be only a very small issue, but all the text looks much nicer when I change it to "Microsoft Sans Serif". However, I can't change everything - Test Step names don't have a font-setting feature enabled against them, for example. And there's nowhere in "Options" to set a "T-Plan default font used", which might be useful.

I'm using T-Plan v6 RC2320.


Post by SClaydon » Thu May 17, 2007 11:01 am

Hi Nathan

Thanks for the post. We've raised this idea as CR-619 on our change management system. It is now with the T-Plan development team for consideration.

Kind regards

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